About us

tango dancing man

How everything started


Fernando J. Eidis story starts with what is well rooted within him’ his Tango dancing” and by chance and out of necessity transforming him into the designer and producer he is today. He had been living in Italy for the last couple of years and during these years he discovered the tango movement within the city of Milan. One day a good friend told him “we have milongas to dance we have the ladies but we don’t we don’t have the shoes “. Fernando pondered over the words of his old friend and took them to heart. His next trip to Buenos Aires was no longer a pleasure trip visiting his family and friends but now a search for the right shoe. During this trip he researched all types of shoes and found different materials to mix, he started the production of proto types and after this intense period, one of the most important Argentinean Tango shoe Brands was born.


TangoLeike, Buenos Aires – Argentina. The brands name incorporates Leike which is Fernando’s mother’s name and the first time she saw the name in print a smile crossed her face. Fernando gets his inspiration from life and nature. He always says “to Dance Tango in life is like living a relationship it’s so simple yet so complex at the same time.


After the first periode in Europe, which has been a hughe sucesss, the next step of opening the TangoLeike shop was just obvious. Fernando started to work together with Laura, his elder daughter, who managed the Shop and production in Buenos Aires and brought a fresh breeze to the brand.